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Did You Know?

Summer has arrived!

A few tips to keep your pets safe this summer:

1. Make sure your pet has ID (microchip, tattoo, collar with tags).
2. Keep citronella oil, candles and insect repellent out of reach.
3. Be careful that your pets don't get party food, alcohol, or the contents of the grill trap.
4. No glow sticks, matches or lighter fluid within reach.
5. Keep a close eye on your pets if there are fireworks, especially if your pet is outside.
NO ANIMAL enjoys the loud noise from fireworks. Even if your pet doesn't act "scared", he DOES NOT like them. Unfortunately, way too many pets get spooked and run away (even from fenced yards) this time of year.

Wishing you a fun and safe summer!
Helping You Keep Your Pets Healthy and Happy!

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Helping You Keep Your Pets Healthy and Happy!


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